Backups – The Cornerstone of WordPress Security


A lot of people think backups are a pain to do. It’s okay, I understand because I used to hate trying to do backups too. Thankfully things have changed a lot in recent years. As a matter of fact backups are now actually really easy to do and it’s even easy to set them up to run automatically. It’s so easy even I can’t make an excuse not to do them!

As serious bloggers and business owners we have to keep backups of our WordPress websites and our personal workstations. There’s no doubt though that the most important action we can take for the security of our WordPress site is to perform backups. Backups are one of the cornerstones of your WordPress site security. Every WordPress site maintenance checklist should have this item close to the top of the list.

Offsite Storage

It is important to remember that we need to keep our backups safe. A backup is only as useful as our ability to restore it when we need it. That’s why it’s very important to have more than one copy of our backups and for at least one of those copies to be stored offsite.

My go to WordPress backup solution is UpdraftPlus. To put it simply, UpdraftPlus makes doing backups a breeze. And with the Premium package you get so many add-ons it will blow your mind.

Of course you have to store these backups somewhere, right. Personally, my choice has been Dropbox. There’s no question about it, Dropbox is a great system and I’ve used it for years. All my WordPress backups get stored in Dropbox along with my personal workstation backups.

I’ve decided it’s time for a change though. I will still be using Dropbox for storing files as a collaboration tool. If I need to share files with others then those files will live in Dropbox. However, for a pure backup solution I will be moving to Backblaze. So now UpdraftPlus will be storing my files to Backblaze and my workstation will be getting backed up with the Backblaze client for Microsoft Windows.

Why am I making this change you ask? I have two reasons. Backblaze is more suited to being a dedicated backup solution. For instance, if you ever need it they can ship a SSD to you with your backup. Dropbox is extremely well suited to being used as both a collaboration tool and a personal synchronization tool. With Dropbox if you need “live” access to your files no matter where you are then you have it!


My favourite tool is UpdraftPlus. When I was making frequent configuration changes I was having a backup performed every evening. As your site matures and depending on the nature of your site you may decide that a weekly schedule is enough. In such circumstances you may decide that six months of backups are sufficient.

I consider UpdraftPlus an indispensable tool for maintaining the security of my site. Don’t get me wrong there are other good backup tools out there. I’ve chosen UpdraftPlus because I like its features and user interface. When I’m updating my WordPress software a backup gets performed automatically. It’s easy to configure and it has great options for remote storage.

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