Fix WordPress Problems With CSS

No person is perfect and no software is perfect. That’s just the reality of complex systems. That reality can lead to problems, big and small, that sometimes you just want a quick fix to before you tackle the root of the issue.

A quick fix to a small WordPress theme problem is what I want to talk about in this post. As I said in an earlier post, sometimes WordPress and technology in general can cause a certain amount of “headaches”. My theme was causing me a small headache.

8 Steps To Add A YouTube Video In WordPress

The Easiest Way To Add A YouTube Video In WordPress

WordPress is all about getting your message out to the people who need it.

It’s the same with YouTube video and it can be a great addition to your blog or website.

In my opinion the easiest way to add a YouTube video in WordPress is also the best way. The 8 steps I detail here will also give you the best chance at only displaying related videos from the chanel of the current video.

Everybody Using the Internet Needs A VPN Client


Everyone needs to use a VPN when using the Internet! The term VPN is the acronym for “Virtual Private Network“. A VPN creates a secure connection between your computer and the Internet. I think of it as like being in a car driving through a magic tunnel. Bear with me here, I’m not actually delusional.

Backups – The Cornerstone of WordPress Security


A lot of people think backups are a pain to do. It’s okay, I understand because I used to hate trying to do backups too. Thankfully things have changed a lot in recent years. As a matter of fact backups are now actually really easy to do and it’s even easy to set them up to run automatically. It’s so easy even I can’t make an excuse not to do them!