15 Steps To Wordfence Firewall Optimization on Siteground

How Do I Optimize My Wordfence Web Application Firewall?

Do you host your site on Siteground?

Does your Wordfence dashboard show that you are at less than 100 percent protection on your firewall?

Wordfence dashboard showing less than 100% Firewall protection

If so then this article is for you. Let’s fix this once and for all and get your site 100% protected!

15 Steps to Wordfence Firewall Optimization

  1. Login to your WordPress site as an administrator
  2. In the WordPress admin panel click on Wordfence
  1. From the Wordfence dashboard click on Manage Firewall
  1. Choose Manual Configuration from the bottom of the dropdown menu
  2. Copy the value of the variable ‘auto_prepend_file’ to somewhere accessible – you won’t need the quotes
  1. Login to your Siteground account
  2. Navigate to cPanel
  1. Find the 1H Software section
  1. Click on PHP Variables Manager
  1. Click on the directory you want the variable to apply to (something/public_html) – it should be at the top of the list as shown below
  1. Type ‘auto’ into the text box to find the variable ‘auto_prepend_file’

  1. Click add and paste the value you copied from you site into the text box which follows ‘auto-prepend_file’:
  1. Check the box ‘Apply changes to all sub-directories?’ – as shown in the image above
  2. Click ‘Save’
  3. Go back to your WordPress dashboard and click on Wordfence again. This will reload the Wordfence dashboard and you should now see that your WAF is at 100%
Wordfence Web Application Firewall at 100% Protection

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and find it useful.

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